18 July 2017

Saga of the Fidget Spinner

spinners have reached the value of dragon treasure
I ordered mine for a couple of dollars on Amazon
deep blue plastic with weighted inserts of bronze
the great treasure took more than a moon to arrive

hour by hour
day by day
week by week
in the end a month of days

I am not a fan-boy, I am autistic, it is medicine
does it help, can it help, will it help
I spin it and and watch the speedy toy go round
the spinner has not been here long enough to know

hour by hour
day by day
week by week
the sooner I can say

Delta V of My Listening Experience

For years, I have happily listened to music and films with a pair of old Grado SR60s. I can listen no more. Several weeks ago, the cable on the 60s gave up the ghost.

I purchased new Grado SR125is for $150 on Amazon. Why the SR125s? I had some money and needed an upgrade. I cannot afford the SR325is or higher. That left the SR125is or the SR225is in the cost for capability sweet-spot. After exhaustive web research, I could not justify the additional cost of the SR225is.

I am aware that the Grado SR60s are repairable. Long term, I will see to them.
Today, I am just feeling happy-happy-joy-joy over the sound of my new cans.

07 January 2017

New Year's Resolutions

I do not normally approve of New Year's resolutions, one should not save making changes to life to only one time of the year. Yet changes have occurred in the last several weeks and wish to address them.

I need to post here more often. I have much I wish to say and have said little. My Multiple Anxiety Disorder has always gotten the better of me. I woke a week ago to find I am in better control than I have been in a decade.

My other resolution, to not forget to take my meds.....